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This course provides you with a review of basic, fundamental math skills. As an electrical worker, you will be expected to be able to use math for a variety of purposes. These math skills are extremely important to you if you are to complete your job in an efficient, professional manner.

You will receive a textbook that you will use as a resource guide to learn the math skills and concepts. While the first few quizzes may seem overly basic and simple, later ones will be much more demanding and will require extensive use of your textbook.

Purpose of Tech Math

The NJATC is aware that any formal mathematical studies you have completed may have occurred several years ago. Therefore, it is very possible that some of your math skills may be a bit "rusty." Consequently, this course is offered both as a refresher and as an introduction to the mathematics used in electrical construction to help ensure success in your future endeavors.

You should take full advantage of this review. Once you receive your textbook, it is your responsibility to read and study the corresponding unit in the textbook in order to successfully complete the quizzes in this online course. Unsatisfactory results from any segments of this course will be an indication that you need additional study in those areas. There is no embarrassment associated with recognizing distinct mathematical areas that need to be strengthened. The better developed your math skills are; the greater chance there is for gratifying success throughout your chosen career.

If you are struggling with basic algebraic equations and/or other related math concepts at the end of this course, you should enroll in an applicable mathematics class as soon as possible. Investigate to see what courses are available through your local IBEW/NECA Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee (JATC), colleges, universities or adult evening classes.

The NJATC wants you to be successful. Our future depends on the Knowledge, Skill, and Ability of our members. We cannot, and will not, tolerate those who refuse to put forth the effort necessary to succeed. This course represents one of our Industry's many efforts to help you grow and improve your skill level.

Good luck. Study hard and success will be yours!